Lab Equipment


MIKRO 200 Centrifuge Mikro 200

The Hettich Mikro 200 microliter centrifuge performs routine analytical tasks such as concentration of small forensic DNA samples easily and effectively. Small clinical samples such as urine and cerebrospinal fluid can also be processed quickly.

ROTOFIX 32A Centrifuge Rotofix 32A

The Hettich Rotofix 32A is a general purpose benchtop centrifuge ideal for routine laboratory tasks. Forensic DNA samples can be concentrated easily and clinical labs can concentrate urine and spinal fluid samples quickly prior to electrophoresis.

Rotina 380 Centrifuge Rotina 380

The Hettich Rotina 380 centrifuge saves you space while spinning a large quantity of centrifuge tubes per run. The Rotina 380 is a tabletop centrifuge that can handle a moderate volume of larger Vivaspin devices for urine protein concentration.

ROTANTA 460 Centrifuge Rotanta 460

The Hettich Rotanta 460 benchtop centrifuge is valuable in large hospital labs for urine protein concentration prior to gel or capillary electrophoresis. Its capacity is ideal for a high volume clinical reference lab processing a large quantity of Vivaspin filters.


mLine Mechanical Pipette mLine® Mechanical Pipette

The Sartorius mLine® is the most advanced mechanical pipette in the Biohit family. The design offers exceptional ergonomics with extremely light pipetting force. The mLine® also has a volume lock feature to prevent accidental volume changes during use.

Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipette

The Biohit Proline® Plus mechanical pipette family offers a wide variety of both fixed and variable volume models as well as unique combination of novel and patented features. High quality and light pipetting forces provide pleasant pipetting experience.

Midi Plus Pipetting Controller Midi Plus™ Pipetting Controller

The Biohit Midi Plus™ is a lightweight cordless pipetting controller which allows aspiration from bottles and tubes without the arm and hand elevations required with serological or volumetric pipettes.

eLINE Lite Dispenser Pipette Tips

Biohit's precision-made Optifit Pipette Tips, filtered and non-filtered, are made to provide excellent reproducibility and accuracy. They fit perfectly with Biohit pipettes and are suitable for use with most other pipette brands.


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