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Rotanta 460 Centrifuge

Rotanta 460 Centrifuge

The Hettich Rotanta 460 benchtop centrifuge offers enhanced performance with an extended range of accessories that guarantee fast, trouble-free operation in daily laboratory use. With a maximum capacity of 3 liters per run, the Rotanta 460 tabletop centrifuge is proving to be valuable in large hospital laboratories for urine protein concentration prior to gel or capillary electrophoresis. The capacity of the Rotanta 460 is ideal for a high volume clinical reference laboratory processing a large quantity of Vivaspin® filters.

The Rotanta 460 centrifuge can be configured for use with a variety of Vivaspin® centrifugal concentrators. The HET-5699 swing-out rotor can hold up to 56 Vivaspin® 4 or Vivaspin® 6 devices when used with 4 of the HET-5620-A carrier buckets and 4 of the HET-4839 adapters. This same rotor and bucket combination can process up to 28 Vivaspin® 15 or Vivaspin® 20 filters with 4 of the HET-5647 adapters. Vivaproducts offers packages for the Rotanta 460 that are designed to simplify ordering depending on the centrifugal filter being used. Please click on Ordering below for more information.

Performance Enhanced Lid

  • Built in Run-Silent™ technology
  • Dual steel lid locking and holding with emergency release
  • Easy-lift™ lid with stay-in place positioning & lid drop protection
  • End of cycle notification
  • Auto-open and close

Control Panel

  • Quick-entry foil keypad
  • Easy-to-read multi-view digital display
  • Control knob for quick entry of parameter settings

Hettich 5-Point Quality Inspection

  • Order qualification
  • Visual inspection
  • Functionality test
  • Parts & accessory check
  • Packaging check

Design & Construction

  • Compact design to maximize bench space
  • Ergonomic faceplate for natural entry of program settings
  • Auto-imbalance detection and shut-off
  • Surgical stainless steel chamber for easy clean-up and decontamination
  • Solid metal housing for added safety
  • Over 100 years of design & manufacturing experience
  • Max. Capacity: 4 x 750 mL
  • Max. RPM / RCF: 15,000 / 24,400
  • Dimensions: 453 x 554 x 707 mm (17.5" x 21.75" x 27.75")
  • Weight: 103 kg (227lbs)
Description Buy
ROTANTA 460, Benchtop Centrifuge, 100-127V 50-60Hz
SKU: HET-5650-01
Contact for Current Pricing
ROTANTA 460 Package (swing out) for Vivaspin 4 / 6 (up to 56 devices)
- Includes 1xHET-5650-1, 1xHET-5699-R, 4xHET-4880, 4xHET-4839 and 1xHET-4051
SKU: HET-460-56S
Contact for Current Pricing
ROTANTA 460 Package (swing out) for Vivaspin 15 / 15R / 20 (up to 28 devices)
- Includes 1xHET-5650-1, 1xHET-5699-R, 4xHET-4880, 4xHET-5647 and 1xHET-4051
SKU: HET-460-28S
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Description Buy
Grease for rotor trunnions
SKU: HET-4051
Contact for Current Pricing
Work station, low/narrow,1drw
SKU: HET-4612-A
Contact for Current Pricing
Work station, high/narrow,2drw
SKU: HET-4613-A
Contact for Current Pricing
Adapter, for HET-4880, for 15ml conical tubes (14 ea, 4 per rotor)
SKU: HET-4839
Contact for Current Pricing
Carrier Bucket with clamp, flat for HET-5699 rotor, without adapters (4 per rotor)
SKU: HET-4880
Contact for Current Pricing
Lid, Bio-Containment for HET-4880 Carrier Bucket (4 per rotor)
SKU: HET-4883
Contact for Current Pricing
Rotor, for ROTANTA 460, swing out, 4 place, without buckets
SKU: HET-5699-R
Contact for Current Pricing
Adapter, for HET-4880, for 50ml conical tubes (7 ea, 4 per rotor)
SKU: HET-5647
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