Protein Concentration and Separation Technologies

Vivaproducts has been supplying the highest quality products to the clinical diagnostic marketplace for over 20 years. In 2008 we began offering new products for the purification of DNA in the forensic laboratory market. Our strong relationship with Sartorius Corp. will help us continue to expand our product offerings to include high quality instruments and equipment for the benefit of our customers.

We provide the widest assortment of concentrators to commercial and hospital labs. Our products are consistent and efficient and our customers rely on our prompt service and delivery.

Applications & Technical Information

Clinical Diagnostic Labs

Clinical Diagnostic Labs

Centrifugal and static products to concentrate proteins in urine and spinal fluid as well as bacterial antigens and fungal antibodies in urine and serum samples. Centrifugal devices may also be used to separate free drugs and hormones from bound serum proteins.

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Research & Biotech

Research & Biotech Facilities

Centrifugal devices that are used for a variety of research purposes including antibody and protein concentration and purification. NoEndo gel products may be used to remove endotoxins from proteins produced by recombinant bacteria or by mammalian cell culture.

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Forensic Labs

Forensic Labs

Centrifugal products that are used for DNA concentration and buffer exchange for forensic samples. DNA profiles are available for all personnel involved in the manufacture and handling of these products. ETO treated devices are offered as an option to eliminate stray DNA contamination.

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NEW ED300 and other Xpress Dialyzers Tech Notes

Vivaproducts News

  • New Recommendations for CAP Procedures Download the latest CAP Validation Procedures (rev. 7/20/16) (PDF) and the CAP Recovery Calculation Sheet (XLS).
  • Urine Protein Concentration Calculations This calculations app provides a table of concentration factors (CF) for your urine electrophoresis samples. It assumes that you first measure your sample Total Protein and then desire to adjust the CF accordingly.
  • Vivaproducts BJP Concentrators are an excellent Minicon® Concentrator Replacement Vivaproducts BJP Concentrators an excellent Minicon® Concentrator ReplacementVivaproducts BJPs are easier to fill & pipette, more economical and feature easier to read markings. Learn more about our BJP products as well as our centrifugal Vivaspin® concentrators.
  • Proteus NoEndo™ spin columns for removal of endotoxins from antibodies and other proteins Proteus NoEndo spin columns for removal of endotoxins from antibodies and other proteinsThe Proteus NoEndo spin columns combine quality separations found in gravity columns with the speed of centrifugal separators to achieve 99% endotoxins removed in a single pass.
  • ETO Vivacon Concordance Study ETO-treated Vivacons provide a reliable means for concentrating forensic samples without the presence of extraneous DNA. A study was conducted to confirm their performance is comparable to standard Vivacons. View the study in PDF format here.
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