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Urine Protein Concentration Calculations

This calculations app provides a table of concentration factors (CF) for your urine electrophoresis samples. It assumes that you first measure your sample Total Protein and then desire to adjust the CF accordingly.

Urine Protein Concentration with Vivaproducts Devices

This applications note describes using Vivaproducts concentrators for urine protein electrophoresis samples.

New Recommendations for CAP Procedures

Download our latest suggested procedures to validate our concentrators for CAP validation. Also download our CAP recovery calculation Excel sheet.

Free Drug & Hormone Separations with Vivafree™ Filters

Download this Applications Note to see how Vivafree™ filters can be used to prepare samples for therapeutic drug monitoring of phenytoin, valproic acid and digoxin. They can also separate free testosterone, insulin and cortisol in clinical samples.

AACC Presentation Evaluating Vivafree™ for Measurement of Free Testosterone

Download this presentation given at the 2015 AACC Expo by the Cleveland Clinic.

AACC Poster on Vivafree™: Comparison of Centrifugal Filter Performance for Free Phenytoin Assays

Download this poster presented at the 2017 AACC Expo by the Cleveland Clinic.