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Vivaspin® 4 Centrifugal Concentrator

Vivaspin® 4 Centrifugal Concentrator

Up to 4 ml starting volume
Concentrate up to 200x

Vivaspin 4 centrifugal devices allow rapid concentration of clinical samples up to 4 ml in volume and are intended for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications. The patented vertical membrane design minimizes filter fouling and the built in dead stop pocket provides maximum concentrate recovery. Vivaspin 4 devices have been used extensively to concentrate urine samples prior to gel and immunofixation electrophoresis for diagnosis of multiple myeloma, light chain amyloidosis and related blood disorders.

  • Concentration of urine prior to electrophoresis for diagnosis of multiple myeloma and amyloidosis.
  • Concentrate spinal fluid prior to electrophoresis for diagnosis of meningitis and multiple sclerosis.
  • Protein removal from serum & cell / tissue lysates.
  • Exchange buffers for proteomic peptide samples.
  • Prepare samples for mass spectrometry.
Time to concentrate
up to 30x [min.] at 20°C
Concentrate Recovery %
Rotor fixed angle
Centrifugal force 5,000 x g
Start volume 4 ml
BSA 1.0 mg / ml (66,000 MW)
5,000 MWCO PES 15 96%
10,000 MWCO PES 10 96%
30,000 MWCO PES 10 95%
IgG 0.25 mg / ml (160,000 MW)
30,000 MWCO PES 10 95%
50,000 MWCO PES 10 95%
100,000 MWCO PES 10 95%
Concentrator Capacity
Swing Bucket Rotor 4 ml
Fixed Angle Rotor 4 ml
Total Length 122 mm
Width 17 mm
Active Membrane Area 2.0 cm²
Hold-up volume, membrane and support <10 µl
Dead stop volume 20 µl
Materials of Construction
Body Polycarbonate
Filtrate Vessel Polypropylene
Concentrator Cap Polycarbonate
Membrane Polyethersulfone
Rotor Type Swing bucket Fixed angle
Minimum rotor angle - 25°
Rotor Cavity To fit 15 ml (17 mm) conical bottom tubes To fit 15 ml (17 mm) conical bottom tubes
Maximum Speed 4,000 g 8,000 g
Concentrate Recovery
Pipette type Fixed or variable volume Fixed or variable volume
Recommended tip Thin gel loader type Thin gel loader type
Description Buy
10,000 MWCO, PES Membrane, 25 per pack
SKU: VS0403
Price: $190.00
10,000 MWCO, PES Membrane, 100 per pack
SKU: VS0404
Price: $540.00
10,000 MWCO, PES Membrane, 500 per pack
SKU: VS0405
Price: $2,480.00

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