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Vivaspin® Filtrate Concentrator

Vivaspin® Filtrate Concentrator

Up to 2.5 ml starting volume
Concentrate up to 40x

Vivaspin Filtrate centrifugal devices allow concentration of difficult to filter samples, such as whole blood or cell lysates, up to 2.5 ml in volume. They can be used in rotors accepting 15 ml centrifuge tubes. The unique piston design allows ultrafiltration to take place in the direction opposite to the centrifugal force and prevent premature blocking of the membrane. The filtrate is collected in the inserted piston tube which is easily withdrawn to then pipette the concentrate.

  • Concentration of fungal antibodies prior to complement fixation or immunodiffusion for detection of Coccidioides and Aspergillus.
  • Concentrate bacterial antigens (H. influenzae, S. pneumoniae) prior to latex particle agglutination for detection of sepsis in newborns.
  • Protein removal from serum & cell / tissue lysates.
  • Prepare samples for mass spectrometry.
Time to filter
50% of sample
Time to filter
90% of sample
Passage of
sample species
BSA 1.0 mg / ml (66,000 MW)
5,000 MWCO CTA 300 min N / A 0%
10,000 MWCO CTA 35 min 80 min 2%
20,000 MWCO CTA 9 min 20 min 2%
IgG 0.25 mg / ml (160,000 MW)
100,000 MWCO PES 13 min 35 min 3%
Blue Dextran 0.1 mg / ml (2,000,000 MW)
300,000 MWCO PES 9 min 25 min 28%

* 2.5 ml samples were loaded into each device.
The devices were centrifuged at 2,000 g until the required filtrate volumes had been reached.

Concentrator Capacity
Swing Bucket Rotor 2.5 ml
Fixed Angle Rotor 2.5 ml
Total Length 93 mm
Width 14 mm
Active Membrane Area 0.79 cm²
Hold-up volume of membrane < 5 µl
Dead stop volume 100 µl
Materials of Construction
Centrifuge tube Polystyrene
Floater tube Styrene acrylonitrile
Cap Polyethylene
Membrane CTA, PES
Rotor Type Swing bucket Fixed Angle
Minimum rotor angle - 25°
Rotor Cavity To fit 15 ml (17 mm) conical bottom tubes To fit 15 ml (17 mm) conical bottom tubes
Maximum Speed 2,500 g 2,000 g
Concentrate Recovery
Pipette type Fixed or variable volume Fixed or variable volume
Recommended tip Thin gel loader type Thin gel loader type
Description Buy
5,000 MWCO, Cellulose Triacetate Membrane, 12 per pack
SKU: 13229-E
Price: $99.10
10,000 MWCO, Cellulose Triacetate Membrane, 12 per pack
SKU: 13239-E
Price: $99.10
20,000 MWCO, Cellulose Triacetate Membrane, 12 per pack
SKU: 13249-E
Price: $99.10
100,000 MWCO, Polyethersulfone Membrane, 12 per pack
SKU: 13269-E
Price: $99.10
300,000 MWCO, Polyethersulfone Membrane, 12 per pack
SKU: 13279-E
Price: $99.10

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