Centrifugal Filtration Vivaspin® Centrifugal Concentrators

Centrifugation provides the force to rapidly remove solvents and small molecules through the ultrafiltration membrane. The patented vertical membrane design and thin channel filtration support (US 5,647,990) minimizes filter fouling and allows high speed concentration. These devices are used for a variety of applications by clinical diagnostic labs as well as research & biotech facilities. Vivaproducts also provides centrifuges for use with these concentrators.

Vivaspin® Centrifugal Concentrator Products

Vivaspin 500 Vivaspin® 500

Up to 500 µl starting volume
Concentrate small samples up to 100x in one step.

Vivaspin 2 Vivaspin® 2

Up to 2 ml starting volume
Available in three types of membranes and samples can be recovered by reverse spinning. Concentrate up to 250x.

Vivaspin 4 Vivaspin® 4

Up to 4 ml starting volume
Fast, economical clinical sample preparation. Concentrate up to 200x.

Vivaspin 4 Vivaspin® 4 Turbo

Up to 4 ml starting volume
Twin vertical membranes can concentrate up to 100x.

Vivaspin 6 Vivaspin® 6

Up to 6 ml starting volume
Twin vertical membranes can concentrate up to 200x.

Vivaspin 15┬áTurbo Vivaspin® 15 Turbo

Up to 15 ml starting volume
Concentrate larger biological samples up to 150x.

Vivaspin 15R Vivaspin® 15R

Up to 15 ml starting volume
Modified regenerated cellulose membrane for maximum sample recovery. Concentrates up to 400x or more.

Vivaspin 20 Vivaspin® 20

Up to 20 ml starting volume
Twin vertical membranes can concentrate up to 400x.

Urine Protein Concentration Calculations This calculations app provides a table of concentration factors (CF) for your urine electrophoresis samples. It assumes that you first measure your sample Total Protein and then desire to adjust the CF accordingly.

New Recommendations for CAP Procedures Download the latest CAP Validation Procedures (rev. 7/20/16) (PDF) and the CAP Recovery Calculation Sheet (XLS).

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