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Dialyze Samples in Half the Time

The new XDB™ Xpress Dialysis Box kits can desalt or purify antibody, protein, DNA, RNA or oligonucleotide samples ranging from 10 to 1000 µL in a convenient well plate design compatible with automated liquid handling systems. The XDB Dialysis Box uses an easy to fill, shared buffer volume to achieve up to 90% removal of small molecules in an hour and 98% in two hours. This is about twice as fast as traditional deep well plate dialyzers.

Innovation Design

The design of the XBD Refill Kits allows all your samples to be loaded securely into the Dialysis Box in one step. The reusable XDB Box is made of durable polypropylene and is autoclavable. The Refill Kits lock into position in the Box and are covered with a clear plastic lid to minimize evaporation losses. The Kits are available in three sample volume formats. The MD100 kits hold 96 samples of 10-100 µl while the MD300 models are used for 50-300 µl volumes. The MD1000 can hold 48 samples ranging from 150-1000 µl each. Regenerated cellulose membranes provide maximum sample recovery and are available in a wide assortment of molecular weight cutoffs (3.5, 6-8, 12-14 kDa as well as 2, 20 and 140 kDa by special order).

Rapid Dialysis

The large, shared buffer volume allows greater removal of small molecules in much less time. For example, the MD100 Kits remove 90% of small molecules in an hour with a final end point of almost 99%. The same dialyzer in a deep well plate takes two hours to reach 90% removal with an end point of 93%. With the MD1000 Kits, 93% removal of small molecules can be achieved as an end point while in the deep well plate, only 73% is removed. The higher removal efficiency means fewer buffer exchanges and less labor in the lab.

XDB Dialysis Box vs. Deep Well Plate
** Dialysis performed at ambient temperature using 1 mM 4-nitrophenol samples (100 µL each) and PBS 1-fold, pH 7.4 buffer. Dialysis membranes were 6-8 kDa MWCO. Buffer in the XDB Dialysis Box was mixed with a magnetic stirrer. Absorption of 4-nitrophenol measured at 405 nm (625 nm reference) with micro plate spectrometer.

Buffer Handling Options

Dialysis time can be reduced by using a magnetic stirrer or connecting to an external pump. Tubing connections are simple with the Luer fittings that are built into the XDB Dialysis Box. Buffer can be pumped out and replaced with fresh solution even when used in automated liquid handling systems. Without a pump, the buffer still may be quickly emptied and replenished by simply lifting out the samples in the Refill Kit.

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