BJP 10 Concentrator is an Excellent
Minicon® B15 Concentrator Replacement

  • Easier to fill & pipette
  • More economical
  • Markings easy to read
  • Dead Stop Design Prevents Over Concentration of Samples
  • Sample Volumes up to 10 ml
BJP 10 Static Concentrator

BJP 10 Static Concentrator

Up to 10 ml starting volume
Concentrate up to 200x
The BJP concentrates urine through the absorption of water by absorbent pads located on the underside of an ultrafiltration membrane. Bence Jones protein will be retained on the membrane surface in the front compartment of the BJP unit because it has a 7.5 kDa MWCO membrane, a molecular weight cut-off far from the molecular weight of Bence Jones protein itself.

BJP concentrators offer a fast, gentle and convenient method to concentrate multiple clinical samples for analyses by electrophoresis and immunofixation. No pressure lines, vacuum pumps or centrifuges are required. The procedure is simple and straightforward. The operator loads the sample into the bench-top concentrator, waits for the sample to concentrate and recovers the protein concentrate with confidence.

A BJP 5 unit filled with 5 ml urine typically takes about 30-40 min for a 100 fold concentration with recoveries of at least 95-98 % BJP. The BJP 20 static concentrator performs a 100 fold concentration of 10 ml urine in 50 min. The hands-off operation allows the operator time to continue with other analyses in a busy laboratory environment while the device is left unattended to concentrate the urine samples. The impermeable dead stop pocket prevents the urine sample from concentrating to dryness.

BJP concentrators enable rapid and easy concentration of samples:

  • Up to 50% faster than the leading device
  • 20% less expensive than the leading device
  • Up to 98% recovery rate
  • Never over concentrates
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to read
  • Easy sample removal
  • Choice of formats


  • Concentration of urine prior to electrophoresis for diagnosis of multiple myeloma and amyloidosis.
  • Concentrate spinal fluid prior to electrophoresis for diagnosis of meningitis and multiple sclerosis.
  • Increase titers of bacterial antibodies (H. influenzae, S. pneumoniae, Streptococcus) prior to latex agglutination.
  • Simple concentration of biological samples and dilute protein solutions.

Performance Characteristics

Time to concentrate [minutes] at 20°C and solute recovery %
(Different conc. factors shown)
Start Volume 10 ml (10x conc.) 10 ml (50x conc.)
  Min. Rec. Min. Rec.
BSA 1.0 mg/ml (66,000 MW)
7,500 MWCO PES 100 92% 210 90%
IgG 0.25 mg/ml (160,000 MW)
7,500 MWCO PES 110 78% 130 74%

Tech Specs

Concentrator Capacity
Per Sample 10 ml 10 ml
Total Length 147 mm 38 mm
Width 70 mm 20 mm
Height 94 mm 100 mm
Active Membrane Area 25 cm² 25 cm²
Dead stop volume 50 µl 50 µl
Materials of Construction
Reservoir Material Styrene-acrylonitrile Styrene-acrylonitrile
Membrane Polyethersulfone Polyethersulfone

BJP 10 Ordering Information

Description Prod. No. Price
7,500 MWCO, PES Membrane, 30 tests per pack BJP-10/30 $233.00
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7,500 MWCO, PES Membrane, 30 tests per pack w/ Pipettes BJP-10/30P $246.00
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7,500 MWCO, PES Membrane, 40 tests per pack BJP-10/40 $317.00
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7,500 MWCO, PES Membrane, 40 tests per pack w/ Pipettes BJP-10/40P $331.00
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7,500 MWCO, PES Membrane, 100 tests per pack BJP-10/100 $700.00
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7,500 MWCO, PES Membrane, 100 tests per pack w/ Pipettes BJP-10/100P $727.00
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BJP 10 Accessories

Description Prod. No. Price
Acrylic Stand for 4 BJP Units BJPA-AS On Request
Recovery Pipettes for BJP, 30 per pack BJPA-P30 $13.50
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Recovery Pipettes for BJP, 40 per pack BJPA-P40 $14.50
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Recovery Pipettes for BJP, 100 per pack BJPA-P100 $28.00
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Recovery Pipettes for BJP, 250 per pack BJPA-P250 $40.00
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Expansion Reservoir for BJP-20 BJPA-ER20 $55.00
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* Pack sizes of 30 and 100 are comprised of individual units, while the pack size of 40 is comprised of 8 test block units

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